What’s the one thing anyone with a sweet tooth misses most while living a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle? CHOCOLATE!

In this post I’ll list everything you need to make your own low carb keto chocolate bars. Our recipe coming soon! But in the meantime, get creative with the ingredients listed below. If you come up with a life-changing chocolate recipe, share it using the hashtag #typicallyketo on social media.

Let’s be honest: we don’t always have time to make everything ourselves. To help you fulfill your chocolate cravings on the go, I’ll also cover keto chocolate bar options found at your local grocery store.

The Good Keto Chocolate

If you’ve ever Googled “keto chocolate bars” you’ve heard of Lily’s Chocolate. Lily’s has a variety of low carb, keto friendly chocolate bars on the market, and is one of the few chocolate manufacturers with a low carb option sweetened with erythritol (a high quality zero GI sweetener).

The only issue I have with Lily’s Chocoalte is the price. Because of the high quality ingredients used to create Lily’s Chocolate, you pay a premium price of $4-6 per 3oz bar depending on where you shop. In my house Lily’s Chocolate is saved for a special occasions, like when Friday rolls around. If you’re interested in trying Lily’s Chocolate, check it out on Amazon (link below).

The Not-So-Good Keto Chocolate

You might be telling yourself, “wait a minute, my local grocery store sells affordable sugar free treats!” While the selection looks great, don’t get your hopes up. Yes, while the sugar free options found at your store are affordable, they will do a number on your body. Brands found at your local grocer use maltitol as a sweetener in their “sugar free” sweets. Your body treats maltitol the same way it treats sugar, resulting in a spike in blood sugar and a few hours of gastrointestinal discomfort. Maltitol can also stall weight loss and cause additional carb cravings.

Pro Tip: avoid maltitol at all costs!

The Keto Chocolate Bar Ingredient List

To help you find a solution to your chocolatey needs, I’ve created the ultimate list that includes every ingredient you need to make your own chocolate (that actually tastes like chocolate).

#1 Cocoa Butter

  • Why we love it: cocoa butter is versatile & great for baking
  • How to use it: we like to make chocolate bars
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon

#2 Silicone Chocolate Bar Mold

  • Why we love it: excellent for making your favorite low carb treats
  • How to use it: making keto chocolate bars!
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon

#3 Baker’s Chocolate

  • Why we love it: easy to sweeten with stevia or erythritol, and is very low carb
  • How to use it: great for cookies, brownies or any dessert requiring chocolate
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon

#4 Coconut Oil

  • Why we love it: MCTs, the delicious flavor and versatile cooking options
  • How to use it: Baking, frying, sautéing etc.
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon

#5 Liquid Stevia

  • Why we love it: zero GI impact
  • How to use it: great for sweetening desserts and drinks
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon

#6 Swerve Sweetener

  • Why we love it: tastes, bakes and measures like sugar
  • How to use it: baking, drinks and general cooking
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon

#7 Vanilla Extract

  • Why we love it: vanilla extract is a low carb baking essential
  • How to use it: use vanilla extract in cookies, bakes & breads
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon

#8 Pink Sea Salt

  • Why we love it: rich with minerals and trace minerals
  • How to use it: baking and general cooking
  • Where to Buy it: Amazon