Tips For Starting KetoYou’ve made it this far in your research and learned the benefits of a keto diet – now what? You start! Like any big life change, modifying your diet can be overwhelming and intimidating. Starting a keto diet is no different from beginning a new hobby: you must learn the basics before you become a master. You’ll make mistakes in the first few weeks, but you’ll learn and adapt to the diet. Before you know it, you’ll be a fat burning machine!

Here are a few tips for starting a ketogenic diet:
#1 Discuss with your doctor Absolutely contact your doctor before you begin any type of diet. I am not a doctor, but am sharing my experiences and advice to follow a ketogenic diet.

#2 Calculate your macros Figure out what your keto diet macros are. This will help guide your daily eating schedule.

#3 Plan Your Meals Plan what you want to eat for the week. Form meals from basics keto-friendly foods: 80/20 ground beef, romaine lettuce, bacon, eggs, high fat salad dressing, chicken thighs, broccoli etc.

#4 Have your supplements ready! Order your supplements before you start a keto diet. You’ll want to begin taking them as soon as possible to help combat the keto flu.

#5 Eat what you want (keto food!) Don’t worry about overeating in the beginning. Familiarize yourself with the keto way of eating and don’t count calories.

#6 Read all food labels Look for hidden carbs in all your foods. Never assume anything is keto friendly

#7 Be cautions when eating out Try to avoid eating out for the first few weeks on a ketogenic diet until you understand how to maintain it.  Starbucks Tip: If you like Starbucks, always say “no sugar, no classic” – this will alert the barista to exclude sugar from your drink. Go for the heavy whipping cream instead of half & half – you want the fat.

#8 Don’t worry about exercise (yet) Exercising is great and has many health benefits, but is not crucial when starting a keto diet, especially if you’re not very physically active. Focus on getting your diet right and gradually introduce exercise. I’m a big advocate for focusing on one task at a time, then moving onto the next. Just say no to multitasking!

#9 Get enough sleep Make sure you get enough sleep, which won’t be difficult since you’ll likely have the keto flu. After you’ve powered through the keto flu, you’ll be able to focus less on sleep (but maintaining a good sleeping schedule is still important).  

#10 Relax – great things takes time Changing your diet is a big deal, but don’t let it dominate your life. Keto is not a quick fix to help you lose weight, it’s a long-term lifestyle. Understand that you will not see results overnight, and your focus and determination are what will keep you on track. Generally the more weight you have to lose the quicker the pounds come off. If you’ve only got 10-20 pounds to lose, expect your fat loss to be slower.