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What Will Typically Keto Provide?
Typically Keto is a ketogenic diet resource focused on providing helpful keto information and practical low-carb recipes. My goal is to help those struggling with weight or nutrition issues take control and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Typically Keto is 100% dedicated to providing high quality content about the ketogenic lifestyle.

As I expand content on this newly launched “food/ diet blog”, I’ll detail keto diet tips and recipes that have worked for me over time, and how you can adapt them into your keto journey. Over time I will cover things like: keto supplements, time saving recipes, meal prep, effective exercise routines, keto weight loss stalls etc.

Who Am I?
My story: I’m J.C. (nice to meet you!) I’ve been on a keto diet off and on for over 15 years, having started when I was an overweight teenager. While I lost nearly 100 pounds at the age of 14 on a low carb diet, the weight crept back throughout my teens & twenties, becoming a constant battle.

To deflect weight gain I defaulted to a low carb diet for a “weight loss fix”, instead of making sustainable changes to my diet. I’m finding weight management in my late 20s & 30s to be more complex than in my younger years, and discovered maintaining a healthy weight is done so by leading a Typically Keto lifestyle.

I love cooking ketogenic foods and talking about the keto way of eating (hence, starting a keto-oriented website), and am always ready to discuss health strategies. At any given time I can be seen photographing my food and/or drinking coffee.

What Is Typically Keto?
This website provides content on the keto diet based on my own personal experiences & food preferences. Disclosure: I am not a doctor or nutritionist – please consult with your physician before starting any diet.

My Keto Macros

Typically I stick to 20 net carbs per day and practice 18:6 intermittent fasting (18 hours fasting with a 6 hour eating window).

But we all have those days where we need to “carb refuel”. For me, carb refueling focuses on eating more vegetables (and peanut butter) or keto-friendly pizza.

  • Fats 75% 75%
  • Protein 20% 20%
  • Carbs 5% 5%